About (English)

My name is Jochen Böhringer (born ’79, married and father of two lovely boys). My passion for sports is mountain bike marathons and since 2016 also ultracycling events on the road bike. In my blog you will find reports from my sport cosmos.

Highlights 2018 on the bicycle

Place 11 age group Salkammerguttrophy 209km/7.119hm


Place 1 / Corse Record – Race Across Germany Non-supported 1.100km


Place 5 age group Black Forest Ultra-Bike Marathon


Place 3 overall Schönbuchtrophy



Highlights 2017 on the bicycle

Place 1 age group MTB Marathon Schönbuch Trophy

Schönbuch Trophy Platz 1


Place 4 / Race Across America Qualification – Race Across Germany (1.100km)



Place 2 12h MTB European Championship

Platz 2 12h MTB Europameisterschaft


Place 8 Overall MTB Hero Himalaya Stage Race (best Non-Pro)



Family on Bike

Various family tours with the quad – e.g. Transalp from Innsbruck to Venice